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Coaches & Coaching

Understanding DreamsThis is our article resource place for coaches.

Here you will find helpful information on running your business, practical how-tos on client issues, and other resources that will improve your business and make you a better coach.

  • Coaches – Create Your 3-tier Funnel for Active Leveraged Income
    Do you have a plan for increasing revenue this year? Do you know about active leveraged income? If not, read this article and learn how to create a 3-tier funnel for your business success.

  • Coaches: How to Deal with an Ex Who Refuses to Leave
    You're coaching relationship has ended. But for some reason your ex-client is still leaving messages on your Facebook wall, emailing with questions, and finding little ways to stay connected. Is this a good thing?

  • Coaches - Should You Raise Your Prices in 2009?
    Raising your fees in 2009 takes careful consideration. On the one hand, you don't just want to dismiss, out-of-hand, the possibility of raising your fees. On the other hand, you don't want to price yourself out of the market by arbitrarily raising your prices. Consider the two cases put forth in this article. Then, decide for yourself if it's right for you to raise your coaching fees in 2009.

  • Coaching the Coach: Time to Say Goodbye?
    How do you know when it's time to say goodbye to your client? When your coaching sessions are drawing to a close? If you'd like to have clients who become successful, are grateful for all you've done, and generate a lifetime of referrals, then you'll want to know about the four stages of learning.

  • The Five Stages of Change for Small Business Owners
    If you are someone contemplating the changes that will occur by becoming a successful small business owner, it will be helpful for you to have a bird’s eye view of where you are along the continuum.

  • From Indecision to Decision in Five Stages
    No one likes indecision. Once indecision occurs forward movement is stalled. Progress is halted and frustration sets in. The good news is, there is a way to help. By understanding the five stages of indecision and knowing what to do, you can help someone move from indecision to decision easily and quickly.

  • Inner Samurai Business – What a Confused Client Is Telling You
    From an energetic standpoint, when a client says she is confused, there are four main things her confusion could mean. Here is some practical advice for what is energetically going on when your client says she's confused.

  • Make Your Coaching Retreat Business Big in 2009
    Personal coaching is on the rise. Everyone, from Oprah to Investors Weekly is raving about the value of having a personal coach. This year, as people are reinventing themselves and getting creative about how they are paying their bills and taking care of their families, having a coach is a "must." Utilize these four hot wave retreat ideas to make your retreat coaching business big in 2009.

  • Small Business Coach or Small Business Advisor?
    Just as having a financial advisor manage your investment portfolio makes good financial sense, having a small business advisor who offers a comprehensive, long-term approach makes good business sense. Find out how.

  • The Three Things Your Coaching School Didn't Tell You about Making a Living as a Coach
    Have you ever wondered why such a high percentage of graduates from accredited coaching programs leave the profession in less than two years? And why so many coaches struggle to make ends meet on what they're coaching business brings in? Find out what you can do to change all that.


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