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Hot Business Strategies

Hot Business Strategies
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  • Donít Set any Goals this New Year . . . without Applying the 60-40 Rule
    Itís that time again ó the time when people traditionally set resolutions for the New Year. Have you noticed, though, that setting long-term goals doesnít work? No matter how convicted you feel about your New Yearís resolutions, the more rigidly you adhere to whatever goals youíve set for yourself, the harder it will be to reach them.

  • Five Characteristics of Great Business Names and Five Popular Trends to Avoid
    What's in a business name? You want it to be everything. Sadly, many business names are nothing. Deciding on a great business name takes time. It takes thought. Moreover, getting it wrong could spell disaster for your business. Getting it right, however, will give customers a reason to hire you, connect you to your niche market, and save you thousands of marketing dollars.

  • Four Creative Money Saving Ideas for Your Home Office
    Have fun while you're saving with these four creative penny-wise ideas that won't make your home office pound-foolish later!

  • Four No-Brainer Essentials To Make Living and Working Anywhere in the World Easier Than You Thought
    I know, first hand, what itís like to live and do business from many places in the world. Iíve found Internet connections to be nearly everywhere. With just these four no-brainer essential steps, you can stop being a home-based business owner that's strapped to home, and start increasing your flexibility and options. Youíll be surprised what a change of scenery will do for your creativity and business productivity. Read. Set. Pack you bags!

  • Recession-Proof Your Small Business in 2008
    How safe is your business if the U.S. experiences a recession this year? What if there were a simple, effective solution to ensure your business productivity and growth, no matter what the economy does? Would you want to learn more? What if I told you there are ways to increase productivity no matter what the economic climate ó not just by a little, but by 20 percent? Would you be interested?

  • Small Business Owners Ė A Step-by-Step Formula for Raking in Serious Profits
    Two of the hardest things online small business owners have to do are to find a unique way to connect to their niche and to be on the leading edge of marketing trends that will rake in serious profits. Learn how to do both by following this step-by-step formula for success. Don't wait! Get in on the action before the big business players get involved and ensure your business success.

  • Small Business Owners: Six Surefire weekly Actions to Double Your Productivity in Tough Economic Times
    If you're like me, you have a love-hate relationship with the words: boost productivity. You know it's important. Your business depends on it. But who has time to focus on boosting, yet alone doubling productivity? In our current economic slump, increasing productivity is one of the most important things you can do to save your business from going under. Implement these six surefire weekly action steps to double your productivity and ready your business to get back in the game quickly when the economy opens back up again.

  • Turning Your Business Dreams Into Reality: Dealing with The Oppressor
    Are you someone who has struggled with success all your life? Nobody starts out in life wanting to be unsuccessful. We all want to succeed. Understanding and recognizing the three obstacles to success and why they occur will help you end your struggle with success and turn your business dreams into reality.

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