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Our Vision & Philosophy

Inner Samurai

Alkamae (al-kah-may) means to transform.

Alkamae is the place where spiritually conscious women naturally come to transform their sacred inner voice into the central guidance system compelling their personal and business success.

Our mission is to help women discover their Inner Samurai.

Discovering your Inner Samurai is not a theory or a strategy.

It is a primal yearning spiritually conscious women can't deny that drives them deep within, aligning them with their inner guidance system, inspiriting and inspiring them with the confidence and strength to prosper and thrive.

Why "Inner Samurai?"

  • Inner because the voice resides deep within her being (to distinguish it from the voice inside her head).
  • Samurai because of how powerfully it stands, fully knowing what's true for her, sustaining her to act on that knowing in every moment of every day with integrity, honor, beauty, and grace.

Our underlying philosophy is that everything that happens in your life is for your highest good and greatest well being, even if you don't recognize it at the time. Therefore, there are no accidents. Instead, we consider every accident an accident-by-design.

At Alkamae, we understand that even Samurai need teddy bears.

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