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Volume 1, Issue 14

Picture of Dragon of Alkamae  LAUNCH YOU! 
  ISSN# 1935-0473
  Volume 1, Issue 14
 July 16, 2007

  By Susan L. Reid MS, DMA 
Small Business Start Up Coach & Online Accidental Prenher™

An online newsletter about how to start up and successfully launch small businesses for entrepreneurial women who are ready to transform their lives and make a difference in the world, turn their passion into a profit, and bring in a six figure income.

In This Issue

Today’s Topic:  Passion and Doing What You Love!
  • Business Quote from Martha Graham
  • Embracing Your Multiple Streams of Passion
  • Accidental Pren-her™ Blog Highlights
  • HOT OFF THE PRESS!  My newest booklet!

This e-Zine is intended to be read in 10 minutes or less, with many of the articles offering links to further information. To ensure we continue to capture the most important issues regarding the successful start up and launch of small businesses, we are keen for our readers to interact with us and let us know what’s on their minds.  Speak up and be heard at:

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Note From Susan

Picture of Susan L ReidGreetings, Fellow Entrepreneurs!

This week’s e-Zine issue is about passion and doing what you love.

Doing what we love is one of the most exhilarating feelings I know.  It’s like none other.  It is at once sublime and invigorating.  Do you know this feeling?  I bet you do!  Most of us have been fortunate enough to have this ride-of-your-life feeling more than once.   

It’s called passion.  Passion is energy.  Passion is vitality.  As Oprah Winfrey says, “Passion is the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”  Women have passion in spades. 

Martha Graham, one of the foremost pioneers of modern dance, knows passion.  She starts us off by thinking about passion as something more than simply technique or the skills that we all can learn. 

Next up is the main article, Embracing Your Multiple Streams of Passion.  Women are passionate about so many things.  Then why aren’t they always successful at turning those passions into a product that will sustain them?  This article offers an interesting model for inspiration: the polymath. Never heard of polymaths? Well, you just might be one!

To continue with your reading pleasure, I’ve included some of this week’s blog highlights.  The post on Isolation and the Accidental Pren-her™ is about the importance of community.  Scheduling and Your Inner Samurai is great advice from author Annie Dillard.  Net, Not Work for the Accidental Pren-her™ shows you how to take the work out of networking. 

Finally, my latest publication: a 15-page booklet of 62 ways to boost your success.  Make sure you check it out!  Click here to know more:

**Earnest request**  Let me encourage you–nay, strongly encourage you—to help me build community on our blog site by visiting and commenting often.  Next e-Zine, I’ll be begging! 


Business Quote Of The Week

Great dancers aren't great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion.

- Martha Graham

For more business start up quotes go to:

Featured Article

Embracing Your Multiple Streams of Passion

Are you someone who has many interests?

Do you like to read and write, fix and invent, design projects and start businesses, and many other things all at once? If so, then you are a multiple-streams-of-passion person. “And” is your favorite word. You feel limited by the word “or,” uncomfortable when you need to narrow down choices, and absolutely revolted by the command, “Pick one.” 

Picture of Multiple Streams of PassionMultiple-streams-of-passion people love to do it all. They like choice. They like to follow their own direction. They like the flexibility and freedom of going from one thing to the next. The only problem is most multiple-streams-of-passion people don’t make any money this way. They flounder in careers and languish in their professional lives. That’s because they haven’t learned how to work with their passion.

Multiple-streams-of-passion people are labeled, none too kindly, as “jacks-of-all-trades, masters of none.” They are criticized for pursuing so many directions. They are misunderstood when they resist making decisions or choosing a direction. More often then not, they don’t choose anything at all and feel like complete failures.

Their resume is all over the place. They leave jobs frequently, change careers quickly, and have lots of extra training in seemingly unrelated disciplines. On the surface, they seem like dabblers who have little commitment to anything. 

That’s because people with multiple streams of passion are generalists, not specialists. Though they are most likely very passionate about what they are doing at the time, being focused on just one thing will not sustain their passion. People with many passionate interests spend a lot of time scanning the horizon, wondering what’s on the other side of the fence, and thinking about their next move. 

Of course, it is possible that you are still trying to make up your mind about what you are going to do when you grow up, or are truly depressed and unable to focus on any one thing for long, or have bona fide ADD and are easily distracted. Otherwise, consider that you might be someone with multiple streams of passion—possibly a budding polymath.

Seven Famous Polymaths

A polymath (poh’-lee-math) is someone with encyclopedic, broad, and varied knowledge or learning in several different fields of study. Being a polymath (a.k.a. a Renaissance man or woman, a universal man, a whiz kid, or a geek) is actually a tremendous attribute.

Picture of Leonardo da VinciLeonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) is one of the most famous polymaths. He was a scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, architect, musician, and writer. 

Before him was Claudius Ptolemy (90-168) who was a Greek mathematician, geographer, astronomer, and astrologer. 

Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) was recognized as an artist, author, counselor, dramatist, linguist, natural historian, philosopher, physician, poet, political consultant, visionary, and composer.

Gottfried Leibniz (1646-1716) made significant contributions in physics, logic, history, librarianship, philosophy, and theology, while also working on ideal languages, mechanical clocks, and mining machinery.

Mary Somerville (1780-1872) wrote on astronomy, mathematics, physics, chemistry, mineralogy, and geology.

Andrei Sakharov (1921-1989) was a brilliant nuclear physicist, human rights campaigner, and fearless advocate for international understanding and world peace.

Umberto Eco (b. 1932) is a modern polymath.  He is an Italian medievalist, semiotician, philosopher, expert in pop culture, and a novelist.

Top Five Things Multiple-Streams-of-Passion People (MSPPs) Can Learn From Polymaths

Being a polymath is somewhat different from being a person with multiple streams of passion--somewhat akin to the difference between a genius and a very smart person--polymathy is a great model for multiple-streams-of-passion people to embrace.

Picture of earth on water1.  Polymaths are terminally curious. That’s a fantastic quality to have as an MSPP.

2.  Polymaths read widely in and move freely across the boundaries of divergent and not-always-complementary disciplines. The natural tendency to do so is often what brings about the formulation of brilliant discoveries, new applications, and luminous collaborations.

3.  Polymaths have the ability to focus on a given topic for a long period—that is, as long as is necessary to learn what they need to know. Then they move on. This powerful focus is not to the exclusion of everything else. Rather, it is a stepping-stone to the next thing they will explore. This is a great perspective to keep in mind for MSPPs.

4.  Polymaths are fantastic synthesizers. They can bring together seemingly disparate ideas and thoughts in remarkable ways. 

5.  Polymaths excel at generating ideas. They think conceptually first. This is good to keep in mind the next time your friend, boss, co-worker, or partner throws his or her hands up exasperatedly, saying, “I have no idea how you got from there to here.” Just smile and say, “Because I’m a polymath, of course!”

By learning from the polymaths, you can turn your multiple streams of passion into both financial success and personal fulfillment.

If da Vinci could do it, so can you. 

Accidental Pren-her™  Blog Highlights

You can find our new blog, at:

In the Accidental Pren-her™ blog, I write about the process of turning entrepreneurial women into successful small business owners.  It’s a great place to come and build community while embracing your inner Samurai. 

Each week, I will post four different segments with the entrepreneurial woman in mind.  They are:

  • Monday--interviews and stories about Accidental Pren-hers
  • Tuesday--alchemic wisdom from the inner Samurai
  • Wednesday--reflections on the pren-her life
  • Thursday--a book review from the inner Samurai bookshelf and pren-her reading room

Here are the articles I've added to the blog in the last couple of weeks. Just click through on the link to reach each post.

I Hate Music - If you were going to rewrite that phrase, what would it be?  I hate selling, but I like to buy or maybe I hate networking, but I like to connect?  Be inspired by how Leonard Bernstein dealt with his subject.

Isolation and the Accidental Pren-her™ -  Becoming an Accidental Pren-her™ can be a big shock to your system in oh-so-many-ways. One of those ways is isolation.  Read how the Ah-Ha Sisterhood saved my life.

Scheduling and Your Inner Samurai - Practical advice from author Annie Dillard

Net, Not Work for the Accidental Pren-her™ - What happens to you when you think of the word networking? The whole concept of networking and going to networking events used to make my skin crawl.  Until I took the work out of net!

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You can find our new blog, at: 

Weigh in.  Make a comment.  Let us know what you think!

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Picture of Susan L. Reid

That’s all for this issue, folks.

Until next time, happy launching!

Susan's Signature

Susan L. Reid, MS, DMA
Small Business Start Up Coach & Online Accidental Prenher™

At Alkamae we specialize in launching successful small businesses one woman at a time.

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