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Volumn 1, Issue 24

Picture of Alkamae dragon LAUNCH YOU! 
ISSN# 1935-0473
Volume 1, Issue 24
December 16, 2007

By Susan L. Reid, DMA 
Small Business Start Up Coach, Consultant & Accidental Pren-herô

Author: Discovering Your Inner Samurai: The Entrepreneurial Woman's Journey to Business Success

An online newsletter about how to start up and successfully launch small businesses for entrepreneurial women who are ready to transform their lives and make a difference in the world, turn their passion into a profit, and bring in a six figure income.

In This Issue

Today’s Topic:  The Gift of You
  • Special Announcement: Discovering Your Inner Samurai at
  • Business Quote by Eckhart Tolle
  • "Why Aren’t Women Making the Big Bucks?”
  • Accidental Pren-her Blog Highlights
  • Q & A: “I am getting ready to expand my business into the international sector. Do you have any specific advice for me?”
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Note From Susan

Picture of Susan L Reid

Greetings, Fellow Entrepreneurs!

'Tis the season to be thinking about gifts and gift giving. No, I'm not talking about presents that go under the Christmas tree. I'm talking about the golden gifts that you and only you give each day, in so many ways, to the people around you.

  • You give these gifts to your family and to your friends with your kind words, warm hugs, soft touch, and well wishes.
  • You give them to your colleagues, clients, and associates with your helpfulness, support, and guidance.
  • You give them to people you meet, people you greet, even people you don't know with a friendly wave of your hand, ready smile, and helping hand.

Wherever you have gone this year, whatever you have done, whomever you have met, however you have thought about someone, you gave your golden gift. Each word, each action, each touch was a golden gift from you.

What golden gift do you have yet to give? Read this week’s article, “Why Aren’t Women Making the Big Bucks?” for some ideas. Next, check out this week’s blog highlights for inspiration. Then, in the Q & A section, think about expanding your gifts internationally.

Finally, the first Monday of each month I interview Accidental Pren-hers for my podcast, Stories of the Unexpected. Stop by my blog and listen to this month’s Accidental Pren-her partners, Carol Satterlee and Lisa Morelli.

Happy Holidays!

Special Announcement

Picture of book coverDiscovering Your Inner Samurai
The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Journey to Business Success

**** review from Carol McClelland PhD****

I've been an entrepreneur since 1991. In the intervening sixteen years, I've read a number of books about running my own business. None has struck me as deeply as Susan L. Reid's book, Discovering Your Inner Samurai: The Entrepreneurial Woman's Journey to Business Success. Susan's descriptions, ideas, and client stories are engaging and draw you inward to your own inner voice that becomes such a powerful business partner when you know you can trust its message.

Although written for the new or aspiring entrepreneur, I found plenty of powerful tidbits sprinkled throughout the book. Even when I could nod my head in agreement during a particular passage or chapter, there was always a nugget of insight, a stunning new perspective that gave me a new way to be in relationship with my own business.”

Taken together, the nuggets I gained from Susan's book help me stay in a natural, productive flow with my business success. The anxiety, fear, and frustration drop away as I focus inward and listen. When I don't know an answer, I know I can ask a question and receive a wise answer in return . . . a wise answer from within that I can trust and allow to unfold in its own way and time.

My book is now available from WME Books, and directly from me, if you would like a signed copy.

Happy reading!

Business Quote Of The Week

When challenges come, as they always do, make it a habit to go within at once and focus as much as you can on the inner energy field of your body.

Eckhart Tolle

Click here for more business start up quotations

Featured Article

Why Aren’t Women Making the Big Bucks?

Women continue to open businesses in the U.S. at twice the rate of men.

Picture of money shipSo why don’t they have million dollar bank accounts that reflect their hard work?

According to the Center for Women’s Business Research, there are 10.4 million women-owned U.S. businesses. What people aren’t talking about is that women-owned businesses aren’t doing all that well. According to the Women Presidents' Organization (comprised of women whose businesses annually gross over $2 million):

  • About 43% of all women-owned businesses have revenue of $10,000 or less per year. 
  • Over 70% have revenue of less than $50,000. 
  • Only 3% have revenue of over $1 million (compared with 6% of men-owned firms).

Today’s entrepreneurial woman wants control over who she works for, what she does, how she spends her time, and how much money she makes. Most of all, she wants to know that what she is doing is making a difference in the world. So why aren’t women-owned businesses more successful? Often the barriers to business success for women are self-imposed.

What Women Do Wrong
    1. They dismiss their intuition. They dismiss their inner knowing. They don’t take their intuition seriously. That’s not hard to do when today’s business culture scoffs at women’s intuition, makes fun of their intuitive knowing, and pooh-poohs intuitive insight. Intuition is not a hunch, a suspicion, or a guess. Intuitive knowing is deep, sure, and trustworthy. Know this!

    2. They wait for approval and ask permission. Women have the hardest time with this. Instead of making a decision for themselves, they look to others for approval and permission before making business decisions. Wake up! You do not need anyone’s permission to do anything. Men know this much better than women do.

    3. Picture of chicksThey think something is wrong with them. When something goes wrong in their businesses, men focus on the business itself, looking for things they can change, correct, and fix. For women, however, it’s just the opposite. When something goes wrong in their businesses, women look for things they can change about themselves.

    4. They think other people know best. Often their inner voice—what I like to call a woman’s Inner Samurai—is giving them a clear indication of what is for their highest good and greatest well-being. Yet, because that inner voice conflicts with the advice and information they are getting from the outer world (often from those around them), they discount their inner voice in favor of another’s voice.

What You Can Do Right
    1. Look outward for support. Look inward for guidance. Picture of cat smelling a flowerSurround yourself with those who support your business vision and daily business activities. Go inward for guidance. Tap into your Inner Samurai. Understand that no one knows you as well as you know yourself. What other people think is best for you and your business is only an opinion—perhaps a well-informed opinion, but an opinion, nonetheless.

    2. Say yes. This is one of the hardest words for women to say. Women like to keep their options open, check everything out, and test the waters before taking action. Stop hesitating. Say yes. Move ahead. You don’t have to know how something is going to turn out before saying yes. Just say yes. You can handle whatever comes up. You can even change your mind.

    3. Stop with all the positive thoughts and affirmations. Being positive and saying affirmations are not enough. You have to back those positive thoughts with focused, definitive action in the direction of what you most want to be, do, and have in your business. Fortune favors the bold.

    4. Cultivate relationships. Women are naturals at building relationships and connecting to others. Connect, certainly, with other businessmen. However, be intentional about cultivating relationships with other businesswomen. Forget what they say about women being catty. Sure, some are. Most aren’t. Those are the ones you will intuitively be drawn to. Connect with them to build strong, mutually beneficial business relationships.

Women have been opening businesses at twice the rate of men for many years now. However, they have not been as successful at bringing in the big bucks as men. That’s because they try to run their businesses the same way that their male counterparts do—from the head down.

Picture of golden giftsWomen, on the other-hand, do better when they build and run their businesses from the inside out and from the heart up, firmly connected to their Inner Samurai.

Running your business this way means that you are in control of your financial future, you can have the life you’ve always dreamed of, and you can be in the best place of all—making a real difference in the world.


Accidental Pren-her Blog Highlights

In the Accidental Pren-her blog, I write about the process of turning entrepreneurial women into successful small business owners.  It’s a great place to come and build community while embracing your inner Samurai. 

Each week, I will post four different segments with the entrepreneurial woman in mind.  They are:

  • Monday--interviews and stories about Accidental Pren-hers
  • Tuesday--alchemic wisdom from the inner Samurai
  • Wednesday--reflections on the pren-her life
  • Thursday--a book review from the inner Samurai bookshelf and pren-her reading room

Here's a sample of the posts I've added to the blog in the last couple of weeks. Just click the link.

Interview with Accidental Pren-her” - Listen to this month's broadcast of Stories of the Unexpected. Our featured guests are Lisa Morelli and Carol Satterlee. Learn about their entrepreneurial journey to

Build Your Relationships from the Heart Up” - At every level, relationships are built on listening, connections, common interests, and experiences. Read Donald Trump’s take on heart-centered business relationships.

Panera’s Ron Shaich Success Story” - I love Panera Bread Company, don’t you? Read about how Ron Shaich really is Panera’s chief cook and bottle washer!

“What is an Accidental Pren-her?” - Click this link to find out.

Weigh in. Make a comment. Let us know what you think!

If you'd like to receive e-mail notification whenever I add a post to my blog, enter your e-mail address into the upper left corner of the blog. After you click on the confirmation e-mail from Feedblitz, you'll be all set!

Ask The Accidental Pren-her

Q: I am getting ready to expand my business into the international sector. Do you have any specific advice for me?

A: How fun! Doing business internationally is exciting and educational.

Here’s my main bit of advice: Doing business internationally can provide an interesting, exciting, and lucrative opportunity. In order to be successful, it is important to become familiar with the cultural norms and customs embraced by the clients and business colleagues within the country you find yourself working in.

There are a number of areas where cultural differences can exist: greetings, engaging in conversation, talking on the phone, setting up and holding business meetings, conducting negotiations and submitting proposals, engaging in business meals and entertainment, etc. There can be potential cultural barriers to overcome and sensitivities that, when neglected, can negatively impact the prospect of successfully conducting business.

Tip: Before doing business in a foreign country, take the time to learn about the general and business-specific customs that exist there. There are many excellent books and other informative resources to help you gain insight into a country's unique customs and cultures and to help you avoid embarrassing mistakes that can jeopardize the potential for a positive outcome from your engagement.

Disclaimer: I am neither an attorney nor an accountant and am not qualified to give you financial or legal advice. If you are starting up a business, it is important for you to contact qualified law and tax experts and seek their advice.

Do you have a burning “how to” question about starting up or launching your small business?  E-mail me at, and I’ll answer it either in upcoming LAUNCH YOU! e-Zines or in our blog.

Picture of Susan L. Reid

That’s all for this issue, folks.

Until next time, happy launching!

Susan's Signature

Susan L. Reid, DMA
Small Business Start Up Coach, Consultant & Accidental Pren-her
Author of: Discovering Your Inner Samurai: The Entrepreneurial Woman's Journey to Business Success

At Alkamae we specialize in taking the fear out of starting-up and launching successful small businesses . . . so you can get on with the business of transforming lives and making a difference in the world.

p.s. Below are the “Hot Links” to our most frequented and requested sites:

Small Business Start Up Coaching for those who are ready to partner with a small business coach and position your new business for success.

Link to our new booklet: 62 Ways to Boost Your Business Success. It’s especially valuable for entrepreneurial woman wanting to grow and expand their business. This booklet offers immediately usable, bite-size networking insights from professionals in various fields throughout the United States. These surefire tools and techniques really work for them. Find out how they can work for you, too, no matter where you are in the world or in your business development.

One Page Business Plan for successful small business start ups.

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