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Volumn 2, Issue 5

Picture of LaunchYou! logoLAUNCH YOU!
ISSN# 1935-0473
March 1, 2008

Susan L. Reid, Publisher & Founder
Small Business Start-up Coach & Consultant
Author of Discovering Your Inner Samurai:
The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Journey to Business Success

Mary Ellen Whitaker, Editor

An online newsletter for the entrepreneurial woman transforming her life and making a difference in the world.

In This Issue

Today’s Topic: Business Success

  • Business Quote by James Stephens, Poet
  • Featured Article: The Coup de Grâce for Sustainable Long-Term Success
  • Discovering Your Inner Samurai Book
  • An Inner Samurai Story from Kristen Redlien
  • Alkamae Blog Highlights
  • Q & A: “I recently heard you on an interview telling listeners to ‘stop with all the positive affirmations.’ That seems to fly in the face of the current Law of Attraction trend. Could you explain, please?”

Note From Susan

Picture of Susan L Reid

Greetings, fellow entrepreneurs!

LAUNCH YOU! e-Zine is getting a facelift and moving house! Over the next month I’ll be revealing our e-Zine’s new look and feel and letting you know what you can do to make the move with us to our new home. Heather, our fabulous web designer, has been working creatively behind the scenes to put together an interactive e-Zine that is sure to knock your socks off!

Today, though, come along with me on a journey toward business success. Not just any kind of success, mind you. Rather, a particular kind of business success that originates in the heart. Not in the head. In the heart. From a place you instinctively know and understand, from the place of your Inner Samurai.

Happy reading!

Business Quote Of The Week

The head does not hear anything until the heart has listened, and what the heart knows today the head will understand tomorrow.

~ James Stephens, 20th Century Irish Poet and Storyteller

Click here for more business start up quotations.

Featured Article

The Coup de Grâce for Sustainable Long-Term Success

Goals. We’ve all set them. We all know the sting of defeat when we don’t reach them.
BoatSo why do we sometimes fail to reach our most cherished goals? Are we missing something here?

Yes, we are.

The number one reason goals fail is because we start out by identifying our goals. You heard me. Determining what our goals are is actually the second step we should take. The second, not the first step. There is an all-important “step number one” that we often leave out. Because of this, our goals start off on shaky ground with no foundation for success upon which to build.

What is this all-important first step?

Five Steps to Align Yourself with Success

1. Know who you are and what your purpose is.

Who hasn’t wondered who they really are and why they are here? Behind every story of sustained long-term success is someone who knows the answers to these two questions:

• Who are you?
• What is your purpose?

Success is generated from the inner place of knowing that what you want will manifest. For that to happen, you must know who you are and what your purpose is. If you don’t, then you may reach your goal and not be able to sustain it.

2. Determine your goal.

This step is the first one in most manuals about how to set goals.That’s been the problem: the cart has been placed before the horse. Setyour goals only after you know the answers to step one, and you will bein a much better place to determine what goals you want. Not what other people want for you. What you want.

• Struggle = Setting goals without knowing who you are and what your purpose is.

3. Affirm it as a done deal.

Affirmations keep you mentally aligned with what you want and who you are. Say your affirmations in the present tense, and say them as if you know they will come to pass. This is the key to saying affirmations correctly.

• Delusion = Affirmation without aligned action.

4. Take aligned action.

Actions keep you moving forward. In order for you to be successful, you will need to take actions that are directly aligned with your goal. If you don’t, you will experience frustration; the number one reason people throw in the towel and give up.

• Frustration = Action without alignment.

5. Expect and allow it to come to you.

If step one is the step most often bypassed, then step five is the step most often ignored. However, don’t ignore this step! It is not an active action step; it is a state of being. Expecting and allowing something to occur is the opposite of going out and getting it. Being in a state of expectancy and allowing means you actually know your goal will manifest.

• Stuck = Not taking aligned action because you don’t believe it’s possible.

Coup de GrâceBird and Dragonfly

How many times have you said to yourself, “I’m setting this as my goal, but I have no idea how I’ll ever reach it”? Most of us have. The problem is that inherent in this statement is the belief that you can’t manifest your goal, and that, even if you do, you won’t be able to sustain it. With this kind of belief system in place,you will fail. This is why it’s nice to know you have a coup de grâce in your back pocket that you can wield at a moment’s notice.

“Coup de grâce” is an expression that means: a deathblow intended to end suffering. Sound rather extreme for the topic of success? Not if you’ve repeatedly failed at reaching and sustaining your goals. In order for successful goal manifestation to occur, you will need to deliver a firm and decisive deathblow to the dreaded “but… how” statements you’re telling yourself. Whenever you hear yourself say or think a “but… how”statement, do these two things:

• Immediately stop what you are saying.
• Counter by taking an aligned action toward your goal.

SuccessWe’ve all struggled with how to manifest and sustain long-term success. Well, struggle no more. Know who you are and what your purpose is. Only then will you be able to move past the fear and desperation that thwarts long-term success and into a place of inner strength and confidence that sustains it.

And by diligently applying the coup de grâce, you will be able to manifest your goals successfully, each and every time.

Book Update

Discovering Your Inner Samurai
The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Journey to Business Success

Picture of book cover

Discovering Your Inner Samurai: The Entrepreneurial Woman's Journey to Business Success is now available from WME Books, and directly from me, if you would like a signed copy.

Call to Action: It takes a village to publicize a book, especially for new authors. If you have already read my book, it would be great if you would head on over to and leave a book review for me. In return, I'll send you a free gift!

This is the perfect book for your business success!

An Inner Samurai Story from Kristine Redlien

Kristine is an Accidental Pren-her, writer, and blogger. Formerly from Virginia, she now blogs about her new city and state, Stamford, CT. at Stamford Talk. Here is her Inner Samurai story:

In my sixth year of teaching music, I sang a concert and strained my voice. It never fully recovered. I taught with a microphone for three years, but after numerous doctors, procedures, and voice therapy, it still hurt to talk. Worn out, I took a leave of absence.

Unable to sing or teach, I thought I’d make the best of a bad situation and try freelance writing, something I’d always wanted to do.

I had my first article published within months. Then, much to my surprise, I immediately hit a dry spell. I wondered what happened. I was losing hope, scared and depressed about my future. I didn’t know what to do. Then, one day, I decided to get myself out of the house and out of my funk. A friend of mine was playing in a cricket match, so I thought I would go and watch. Not knowing where the game was being played, I looked online for information.

Astonished because I couldn’t find any website in Stamford that listed citywide events, my frustration grew. So did my desire to write. At long last, I had a focus, purpose, and writing outlet. I would provide an online place where people could come for information, event listings, and other cool happenings. With that, my blogging career was born and my writing block gone.

Losing my voice was devastating. I couldn’t sing, couldn’t go out to restaurants with friends, couldn’t read to my nephews, and couldn’t call to someone in the next room. Every aspect of my life suffered. But this tragedy forced me to go inward, to get in touch with who I am and what I really wanted to do. Thanks to that traumatic event, I’m doing what I always wanted to do and being what I’ve always wanted to be . . . a writer.

Call to Action: Do you have a story to share about your Inner Samurai? We’d love to consider it for possible publication in this e-Zine and possible inclusion in the forthcoming collection of Inner Samurai Stories. If you enjoyed the new Inner Samurai Story spot above, consider sending your own story to Susan.

Alkamae Blog Highlights

The Discovering Your Inner Samurai blog celebrates entrepreneurial women journeying to business success.

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Interview with Accidental Pren-her Carol McClelland” – Hear how Carol is launching her latest company, Green Career Central, onto the world stage. Listen to her impressive 16-year journey from corporate employee to founder and managing editor of Green Career Central.

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Come. Embrace your Inner Samurai and add your voice.

Ask The Accidental Pren-her

Q: “I recently heard you on an interview telling listeners to ‘stop with all the positive affirmations.’ That seems to fly in the face of the current Law of Attraction trend. Could you explain, please? ”

A: Indeed, telling people to stop saying positive affirmations does fly in the face of popular dictum. Yet, I have no evidence that supports the premise that saying positive affirmations works.

Positive affirmations are like the chocolate chips in chocolate chip cookies. Suppose I asked you what made your chocolate chip cookies taste so good, and you responded, “It all has to do with the certain kind of chocolate chips I use in my recipe.” Well, I would run right out and purchase said chocolate chips, wanting to achieve the same results.

As anyone knows, though, chocolate chips are but one ingredient in any chocolate chip cookie recipe. If I had not taken the time to quiz you about the other details of the recipe (Do you use butter or margarine or a combination of both? Do you sift your flour or not? Do you use parchment paper or non-stick cooking sheets? Do you roll them into balls or drop from a spoon?), then I would not have all the information needed to duplicate your success.

That’s what people are doing with affirmations. They think if they just say affirmations that what they want will come true. It doesn’t work that way, though. It takes more than just positive thoughts and affirmations to create business success. Affirmations are only one ingredient.

Starting up a business is a lot of work. There are some very practical, left-brain things that need to be in place for success to be achieved. Vision statements, business plans, niche identification, and marketing strategies are part-n-parcel of a successful business.

Tip: If all you are doing is thinking positive thoughts and affirmations, your business won’t get off the ground. You can say and think all you want, but, in order to create a successful business, you need to take success-aligned action.

Dr. Susan L. Reid is a Small Business Start-up Coach & Consultant. She has helped hundreds of women take the fear out of starting up their own businesses. She is also the author of Discovering Your Inner Samurai: The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Journey to Business Success.

To get your burning business question answered, e-mail Susan.

Picture of Susan L. Reid

That’s all for this issue, folks.
Happy launching!

Susan's Signature

Susan L. Reid, DMA

P.s. I'd love to hear from you, and read every email personally. Send your inquiries and thoughts to me.

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