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Volumn 2, Issue 7

Picture of LaunchYou! logoLAUNCH YOU!
ISSN# 1935-0473
April 1, 2008

Susan L. Reid, Publisher & Founder
Small Business Start-up Coach & Consultant
Author of Discovering Your Inner Samurai:
The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Journey to Business Success

Mary Ellen Whitaker, Editor

The newsletter for today's entrepreneurial business woman

Today’s Topic: Self-Promotion

In This Issue

  • Note from Susan
  • Featured Article: Ladies . . . Start Your Engines!
  • Support for Your Journey

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Note From Susan

Picture of Susan L Reid

Greetings, Fellow Entrepreneurs!

Did you notice the topic for today’s issue? When you saw the word “self-promotion”, how did you feel? Did you feel intrigued and interested to learn more? Or could you feel yourself shying away?

To be sure, the concept of self-promotion comes with baggage. How many times have you been at social events, out for lunch, or on the phone with people who talk only about themselves and what’s going on in their world? When my friend Gwen finds herself in this kind of situation, business or otherwise, she interrupts the conversation with, “Hey, have you noticed something?” As the other person tries to figure out what she is talking about, she says, “Yep, that’s what I thought.” Then she smartly exits stage right.

Many women are just not comfortable with self-promotion. They fear that, if they promote their business, they will come across as promoting themselves. And promoting themselves is somehow outstandingly wrong, shocking, and egregious.

Herein lies the dilemma. If you are a small business owner, then it’s up to you to promote your business. So how do you promote your business and what your business is doing without coming across as a pompous ass? You come up with a promotion plan, that’s how! Read Ladies . . . Start Your Engines! to find out the “Top 5 Reasons Why Women Business Owners Put Off Writing Promotion Plans.”

Happy reading!

Susan's Signature

Featured Article

Ladies . . . Start Your Engines!

Have you ever watched the Indy 500?

Billed as the “greatest spectacle in racing,” it is one of the most famous lady race car drivermotor-sport events in the world. The beginning is always dramatic. The audience cheers when it hears, “Gentlemen . . . start your engines!” These four words announce the start of something big.

Putting together a promotion plan is the start of something big, too. Essentially, it means putting down on paper a well-thought-out sequence of events leading to a desired outcome for your business, product, or service.

When done right, a promotion plan helps you focus on your market, streamline your advertising activities, and ensure that you portray a consistent, high quality image in the business world.

When done wrong, a promotion plan will keep you awake at night, not net you the results you expect, and drain you of human and financial resources.

If a promotion plan can do so much, why aren’t more women-owned businesses, especially small ones, taking the time to write one?

Top 5 Reasons Women Business Owners Put Off Writing Promotion Plans

1. They aren’t comfortable promoting.
woman freaking outWomen think there is something wrong with promoting their businesses. They see promoting the products and services of their business as promoting themselves. And they consider promoting themselves as outstandingly poor form.

2. They don’t know who their market is.
Women don’t often take the time to really know who their niche market is. Identifying and knowing how to reach the kind of people who would be most interested in their products or services, however, is critical to their business success.

3. They’re in too much in of a rush to get out there and make money.
Thinking they will get around to it later, when they’re not so busy, many women business owners simply don’t take the time to come up with a clear and compelling vision for their business. This makes it difficult to put together an effective promotion plan.

4. They don’t know what they can do to promote themselves.
With so many possibilities to consider, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused about what’s best and where to start. This is why it’s important that women not rush to get a product or service out there. This will give them the time they need to thoughtfully consider the best ways to promote their in vice

5. They don’t have much money to spend.
Starting up a business and growing it takes money. Many women business owners either don’t have much money to spend on promotion or don’t understand the value in allocating resources to do so.

If you have been putting off doing your promotion plan, here are some ideas to get you started.

7 Affordable Things You Can Do to Jump-start Your Promotion Plan

1. In 25 words or less, identify and describe the number one thing you want your prospects to know about what you do and how it will be of benefit to them.

2. Come up with a unique sales proposition that is clear, concise and compelling.

solutions3. Call or e-mail everyone you know and bring them up-to-date on what you are doing! Leave no family member, friend, colleague, or customer in the dark.

4. Put together an inventory of 5 to10 well-written articles, reports, or tips sheets, authored by you, each of which addresses a specific solution to your target market’s challenge. Aim to inform and educate, rather than sell.

5. Build your 30-mile sphere of influence list. Record the name, contact person, address, email, phone number, and website of every business, organization, and media outlet that would be beneficial to your promotion plan.

6. Join a professional business networking organization, and go to the meetings.

7. My favorite: Have lots of one-on-one breakfasts throughout the year. As Jim McCraigh says, “Breakfast means business.”

One of the most significant things you can do for your business success is develop a promotion plan. A promotion plan covers all phases of communication between you and your potential customers. It is especially useful when you are rolling out a new product, establishing or changing your company image, or want to promote special services or events. A promotion plan can do many things for you, including positioning you as an expert and leader in your industry, cultivating new markets, and enhancing your reputation.

So, what are you waiting for? Ladies . . . start your engines!

Copyright © 2008 Susan L. Reid, DMA

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Lauren SullivanToday's special guest is Lauren Sullivan.

In 2000, after a harrowing experience dealing with her ex-husband's crystal meth addiction, a SWAT team intervention, and the ending of her corporate life working as a marketing executive in Silicon Valley, Lauren was suffering from extreme burnout.

Today, Lauren is an author, life coach, and retreat facilitator. She is a successful small business owner and founder of Inspired Life Design and Life Choice Retreats of Santa Barbara. Her new book, Give Wings to Your Dreams: Reawaken Your Joy and Passion for Life, offers inspiration and tools for women standing at the precipice of change who want to take charge of their lives.

Listen to Lauren’s inspiring journey from Accidental Pren-her to successful small business owner at the Accidental Pren.

Discovering Your Inner Samurai BlogDiscovering Your Inner Samurai Blog

Oprah and Tolle Together At Last” – I've been a fan of contemporary spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle ever since his first book, The Power of Now, came out. So when A New Earth came out a couple of years ago, I pounced on it. So has Oprah, and all I have to say is . . . 'bout time! Click here to read about her fabulous new web event.

The Diamond Cutter” –This book is written by ordained (there is certainly some controversy around whether he is still ordained) Buddhist monk, Michael Roach. Written from the perspective of both a Buddhist and a businessman who worked in New York City as a director of Andin International Diamond Corporation for many years, this book contains applied wisdom seldom found in other Buddhist business books.

I’m a Twitter, You’re a Twitter, Wouldn’t You Like to be a Twitter, too?” – What the heck’s a Twitter? The folks over at Common Craft have put together this easy-to-understand, 2.5 minute video that explains it well.

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Come. Embrace your Inner Samurai and add your voice.

Reader Q & A

Questions?Q: “You talk a lot about ‘Your Inner Samurai.’ What the heck is an Inner Samurai?”

A: You are not alone in asking . . . I get asked this question, a lot!

Known by many names, it has been called the voice within, the inner knower, God Self, Soul, God Within, and Spirit, to name a few. When I was younger, I used to call it “my still small voice.” Then, when I was in my 30s, “the voice within.” In my 40s, it became “my inner knower,” and now it is “my Inner Samurai.”

I began calling it my Inner Samurai when I realized how strong, vast, and powerful my inner voice is. Inner because the voice is deep within my being (to distinguish it from the voice inside my head) and Samurai because of how strong and powerful it is. Inner Samurais can move mountains, leap over tall buildings in a single bound, and stop charging wildebeests in their tracks. One of my clients calls her Inner Samurai her Inner Super Woman. I like that!

No matter what you call it, everyone has an inner voice. It is that part of you that is the repository of all your life experiences and all your hopes and dreams. Alchemized over the years from lead into pure gold, your Inner Samurai is your greatest source of strength and knowing. It is the seat of your wisdom. It is also the place of your extraordinary uniqueness.

Tip: The interesting thing about your Inner Samurai is that it speaks to you. Well, maybe not speaks. “Pulses” is a better word. Your Inner Samurai has a gentle, yet very recognizable, way of communicating with you. I like to call it “pulsing.” When you go inward and ask your Inner Samurai a question, you will feel a “pulse” answering you. This pulse will have one of two distinct qualities. It will feel like either a “yes” or a “no.”

Have questions? Want answers? Send your questions to me.

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About Alkamae and Susan L. Reid

Alkamae websiteThe entrepreneurial woman begins imagining her future the moment she starts thinking about striking out on her own and starting her own business. She thinks about what the business will become, the lives she will touch, the people she will help, the flexibility she will have, and the money she will make. She imagines building a business around her value system, her passion, and what’s important to her. She envisions a business that fits beautifully into her life. In short, she dreams about building a business from the inside out.

Unfortunately, no one hands her a manual explaining how to build a business from the inside out. That is, until now.

Alkamae™ is the place where entrepreneurial women come to transform their lives and make a difference in the world by starting up successful small businesses. Specializing in intuitive small business solutions, Alkamae offers strategic consulting including One Page Business Plans, niche clarity programs, and attraction-based marketing tools.

Susan L. Reid, DMA, is the founder and owner of Alkamae. As the author of Discovering Your Inner Samurai: The Entrepreneurial Woman's Guide to Business Success, Susan has helped hundreds of women create a vision for themselves that connects their passion to sustainable profit and combines their inner wisdom with savvy business skills.

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