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Coaches – Create Your 3-tier Funnel for Active Leveraged Income

Susan L. Reid

What's your plan to increase your revenue this year?

Question MarkIs it to get more clients, write a book, or increase your prices?

Well, I'm here to tell you, that if your plan doesn’t include active leveraged revenue, you might as well forget it.

What exactly is leveraged revenue?

There are two types of leveraged income: leveraged and active leveraged.

  1. Leveraged income leverages the work of other people to create income for you; such as writing an eBook and selling it through affiliate websites. The key with leveraged income is that you are utilizing other people and the work they are doing on your behalf to flow money to you, rather than you doing it all by yourself.
  2. Active leveraged income is the ability to provide your service in the form of a product, on a mass scale. Although it does require your direct participation, your ability to make money increases exponentially because you're delivering it to larger groups of people.

Workshops, conferences, and teleseminars are excellent examples of active leveraged income opportunities where you deliver at a one time event, to a large group of people, for a large return on initial investment. Home-study courses are another example where you put together a product package (one time event) and sell it to many, either through affiliates, back of the table sales at speaking engagements, or on your website.

The process is simple: First, figure out what service you can productize that people will buy over and over again, then create a way to deliver this product to a large group of people.

How-to Create a 3-tier Funnel for Active Leveraged Income

  1. Design your high-end productized service first. Then work backwards from there.

  2. Have the rest of your products and services funnel into your high-end event.

  3. Create three tiers:
  • Low: something in the $97 or below range. For example, a home-study course that includes a CD, checklist, assessment, book or eBook for $97

  • Middle: something in the $197-497 range. Such as, a three-month group coaching program or online teleseminar. They key here is that it is structured, at a specific time, for a limited period, and geared toward getting a specific result. A three-month program that has regular group calls, downloadable stuff, and 20-pages of documentation per week could easily be priced at $297.

  • High: something in the $500-997 range. This would be your "Big Kahuna," your platinum one-year program. It could include one-on-one coaching with you each month, monthly group mastermind calls, monthly expert calls focused on a specific content where you interview people on a specific topic, and one or two live events, all for between $500-900 per month.

ChecklistFirst, outline your high-end product or service. This is the one that folks probably won't buy now, although they will be ready to purchase in 2-3 years, after they get to know you and have tried out your other products and services. Don't go into too much detail planning it all out. Just outline it. From an energetic standpoint, writing down and seeing what this product or service looks like will begin attracting it to you.

Then develop your first and second tier products or services to flow into your third tier service. Create content that can be leveraged from the low- to the high-end of your offerings. Make everything flow together, so that you create one product to use multiple time.

What's your plan to increase your revenue this year? After reading this article, I bet it includes actively leveraging your productized services to get the most buck for your time.

Follow the directions on how to create a 3-tier funnel for active leveraged income and not only will you increase your revenue this year, you'll save yourself time and money, too.

Copyright © 2009 by Susan L. Reid

Copyright ©2009 by Susan L. Reid, DMA

Intuitive small business start-up expert Dr. Susan L. Reid is the award-winning author of Discovering Your Inner Samurai: The Entrepreneurial Woman's Journey to Business Success, and business coach and consultant for entrepreneurial women starting up home-based business for the very first time.

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