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Make Your Coaching Retreat Business Big in 2009

Susan L Reid

Who hasn't heard of personal coaching?

It seems as if everyone from Oprah to Investors Weekly is raving about the value of having a personal coach.

In the 90s, it was cool to have a therapist. Now, it's cool to have a coach.

While coaching has been around for a long time, it wasn't until this decade that personal coaching became a bona fide profession. Now, it's recognized as a "must have" service for motivated individuals who are serious about making positive changes in their lives.

Today, there's a coach for just about everything. And specialized coaching practices, such as retreat and getaway coaching, are on the rise.

check markWhy is coaching so popular now?

  1. It's considered an asset.
  2. It's focused on the now, in the present.
  3. It's not therapy – no nasty digging around in the past.
  4. It supports people in the direction they want to go.
  5. In our current economic situation people are re-evaluating options.

As a retreat coach facing a sluggish economy, hiring freezes, and a forecast of more job losses, you will be in demand. Never before has there been such a need for coaches and, never before has there been such an opportunity for retreat and getaway coaches to provide much needed services.

Why? People are looking for reasons to get excited in this economy. They want to understand and normalize what's happened to them and what's happening around them. Most importantly, they are looking for ways to come out of "this" (whatever this may be to them) intact.

Who Will Be Utilizing Retreat Coaches this Year?

  • People facing changes and challenges – Tweens, teens, and graduates all fit this category. So do people facing divorce, a serious illness, women who have lost a spouse in the line of duty, parents who have lost a son or daughter in service to their country, and empty nesters, to name a few.
  • Moms, dads, and couples who need to get away, clarify, and renew.
  • Men and women who would like to retreat while intentionally working to improve specific areas of their lives.
  • Businessmen and women who need to get away, take time for themselves, and recharge their batteries.
  • Health care professionals and caregivers who recognizes the importance of getting away for their own personal health, mental sanity, and emotional wellbeing.

Four Hot Wave Retreat Ideas

1. New job and skill retreats.

While there are many non-profit vocational training and job placement centers in the U.S, most are offered in a building. It's time to take these out of the classroom and into nature, where people can connect with nature while exploring options and learning new skills.

2. Turn your current skills into a freelance business retreats.

business woman meditatingPeople with a lifetime of skills and training need help converting their assets into a viable freelance business. Retreat coaches who specialize in helping people make the transition from worker to freelancer will be in demand this year. Consider partnering with a business coach to provide weeklong retreats that combine niche clarity with rest and relaxation.

3. Be ready to relocate retreats.

Many U.S. corporate jobs are moving overseas. Think about the ways that you, as a retreat coach, could be of value and service to individuals and families who will be relocating overseas. The list is endless.

4. At home retreats.

How many times have you heard people say "I'm too busy to get away for a retreat!" No problem. Bring the retreat to them. Design one-day retreats for busy executives, moms, or business owners in their own home. You provide the structure, exercises, and support coaching throughout the day. They spend the day reflecting and visioning their life, direction, or business within a nurturing, self-care experience that allows them to slow down, relax, and unveil their inner knowing.

Personal coaching is on the rise. Everyone, from Oprah to Investors Weekly is raving about the value of having a personal coach. This year, as people are reinventing themselves and getting creative about how they are paying their bills and taking care of their families, having a coach is a "must."

Utilize these four hot wave retreat ideas to make your retreat coaching business big in 2009.

Copyright © 2009 by Susan L. Reid

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Intuitive small business start-up expert Dr. Susan L. Reid is the award-winning author of Discovering Your Inner Samurai: The Entrepreneurial Woman's Journey to Business Success, and business coach and consultant for entrepreneurial women starting up home-based business for the very first time.

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