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Why Hire Employees When You Can Build a Team?

Susan L Reid
American Express OPEN Forum
May 14, 2009

Open Forum LogoIf you're like most solo entrepreneurs, you're running a business that is primarily a party of one. One-person businesses are very common, especially for women.

It's not that women aren't thinking big in terms of dollars; it's that they are not so big on managing people. Instead, they'd rather focus on their passion and on getting their passion-turned-product or -service out into the market to make other people's lives better. Because of this, most women don't seriously consider growing their business beyond the solo point.

Think for a minute of what it would be like for you as a woman business owner to be happily focused on your passion-turned-product while pulling in $1 million a year. For many people—not only women—this would be a perfect life. It certainly was the motivating factor for me!

Read, Why Hire Employees When You Can Build a Team? to find out what the next step is to taking your business to the next level. It's easier than you think!

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