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Niche Clarity Workshop

Find the Profitable Sweet Spot in Your Business

Build it and they will come...

Is that what you've been hoping?

That you'll build your services and your offerings, and then people will find you with their checkbook or credit card in hand?

That was my take on marketing when I first started my business. Sometimes I still slip into this magical thinking when I get excited about something I'm working on. It seems entirely plausible that people will be so enthralled with what you're doing that they'll sign-up without any other information.

But, it's just not that simple.

It is true that you need to build something to base your business on.

Unfortunately, no one really talks about where to start.

  • Most people start by developing their services and offerings. Without a clear understanding of their target market the end result is usually a jumble of offerings that's confusing to potential clients and very difficult to market.

  • Others try to keep their options open by meeting everyone's needs. They think they can build their business by working with everyone. Unfortunately, it's more likely they will keep business from coming their way because no one can figure out exactly what they do.

The best way to build your business is to do everything you can to build your perceived expertise in an area that fulfills your client's needs and provides you with a unique competitive advantage. You want people in your community to know, without a doubt, that you are the "go to" person for your chosen area.

But the question is, how do you determine your niche?

Unfortunately, most marketing courses aren't much help in this area because they assume you already know the focus of your business. Usually the first exercises in any marketing course are designed to help you develop a compelling audio logo or elevator speech that you can use in networking situations. This is difficult enough if you are crystal clear about your unique business proposition, but if you aren't clear how to articulate what you do, you won't be able to come up with a good audio logo or implement anything else you are learning in the class. No matter how hard you try.

Susan is just amazing. She helps me step-by-step, encouraging me and inspiring me to really dig inside myself and find my voice and my vision and where I want my business to go, so that my business is really becoming about me and finding my niche in the world. The Niche Clarity Program has just been an incredible experience.

Pamela G Mingle
Owner, Pamela Gallagher Style
Titusville, NJ

Without a niche, you are likely to:

  • Spread yourself too thin, trying to launch too many ventures to too many target markets.
  • Feel frustrated that the amount of time and energy you are putting into your business venture isn't producing the clients and cash you need to succeed as a business owner.
  • Prevent people from referring business to you.
  • Lose potential clients because they don't understand how you can help them.

Identifying a viable, clearly defined, profitable niche is something every business owner needs to do as early in their business as possible. With the clarity of a niche you are able to:

  • Focus your marketing efforts
  • Use your marketing dollars efficiently and effectively
  • Create services and products that reach a particular group or address a particular problem
  • Build awareness of your expertise in a strategic, systematic way.


What's in a Niche?

Some business owners are content to focus on the niche that will bring in the most money. They don't feel the need to have a personal connection to the target population or the problem/solution. In this case, business owners look for the niche market that is most willing to pay cash to get the service or product the business owner is selling.

However, most entrepreneurial women have a much different focus. They are in business to make a difference in people's lives. Meaning is very important to them personally and they want to bring meaning to those they work with. Ideally they want to do work that:

  • Feeds them,
  • They are passionate about,
  • They feel a personal connection to.

Without this connection with their business they don't feel authentic in their marketing efforts, which undermines their effectiveness.

The Niche Clarity Program and working with Susan was an eye-opening experience for me. Within a short period, I was able to see new, unexpected, and creative ways to work with my new small business idea.

Shelley McKay
Virtual Assistant
Owner, SJ McKay Solutions
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

And yet the entrepreneurial woman's niche can't just be about her passions. The key for entrepreneurial women is to identify the sweet spot that taps their own passions AND fulfills a need your clients are willing and able to pay to resolve.

(See the green section of the diagram below for a visual image of this sweet spot.)

To help you find clarity, I've created a workshop called "Niche Clarity."
Our goal in the workshop is to identify your sweet spot so that you can build a business that taps your passion AND supports clients who are willing and able to pay for your services. 
As one of my recent clients describes below, within a few focused hours, you can have a whole new perspective of your business and its potential!

Susan's coaching has definitely helped me to create new business ideas and ways to implement them. In addition, the Niche Clarity Workshop helped me clarify what type of business really matched my interests. I have gained the confidence to develop these ideas and create my own business using the Niche Clarity Program. I thoroughly enjoy working with Susan.

Dr. Linda Childs
Professional Singer & Budding Entrepreneur
New York, NY


Niche Clarity

Package includes:

  • Four, 90-minute Group Sessions
  • Three, Monthly 90-minute Group Follow-up Sessions
  • A Niche Focus Workbook
  • Two, 45-minute Private Consultation Sessions with Susan

Session 1: Exploring (Week 1)

In our initial session I'll give you several tools to help you focus in on your passion. In addition to learning something new about yourself, you'll also get to know the other group members through this call. Getting to know each other will be very helpful as we start supporting each other in future sessions.

Homework 1: Identifying Your Stills and Interests. You'll have two weeks to complete the homework for the next session.

Session 2: Brainstorming (Week 3)

Together we'll use a fun brainstorming exercise to create a list of up to 10 possible ideas for each person. During the call, I'll record all your ideas allowing you to stay in a creative, visioning space.

Homework 2: During the week, you'll continue brainstorming on your own and with the help of the group come up with a total of 40 possible career/niche ideas. As soon as you have the list of 40 ideas, you'll narrow your focus to your top ten ideas and share the list with the group.

Session 3: Synthesizing (Week 4)

We'll work together to reduce your top ten ideas down to the core themes and niches. Again, you can stay in the process during the call because I'll be taking notes as you go.

Homework 3/4: After you've identified your top two or three niches, your job is to sit with them. You'll pay attention to how you feel as you begin to think about how these options might play out in your business. Through this process, you ideas will evolve and strengthen, which is exactly what you want to happen!

Personal Session

To refine your ideas even further, you and I will have a 45-minute one-on-one coaching session to take your niche discoveries to the next level of clarity. You'll leave that session with a few ideas on how to verify that your niche idea appeals to your target market.

Session 4: Creating Your Plan (Week 5)

As you begin to refine your niche, the next step is to:

  • Research and verify that your niche appeals to your target market.
  • Create a test run to begin the process of putting your ideas out there and getting feedback. This one thing will help you evolve your ideas faster and more accurately than anything else you can do!

In this session we'll talk about the components of this process and the steps you can take to confirm that your chosen niche is the one for you.

Three Monthly Follow-up Sessions

Having a clear sense of your niche is just the beginning of the journey. It's an essential piece, but it's not the end point. During these sessions you'll have the support you need to continue refining, testing, articulating, and offering products and services to your niche.

Each member of the group will move through this phase on their own time-line, so we'll meet monthly for three months to check in, refocus, and brainstorm.

Personal Session

At anytime during the follow-up phase, you can sign-up for a second personal one-on-one coaching session with me to take your niche discoveries to the next level of clarity. You'll leave that session with a few ideas on how to verify that your niche idea appeals to your target market.

 As you can see, this is a journey that is exciting and fulfilling, as long as you start with a strong, clear, vibrant niche!

This Niche Clarity Workshop is perfect for the entrepreneurial woman who wants to identify her sweet spot so she can build a business that taps her passions AND supports clients who are willing and able to pay for her services.

The cost of this group workshop is $597 and includes:

  • Four, 90-minute Group Sessions and Three, Monthly 90-minute Group Follow-up Sessions ($435.00 value)
  • A Niche Focus Workbook ($55.00 value)
  • Two, 45-minute Private Consultation Sessions with Susan ($300.00 value)
(Total Value - $790.00)


Payment Options :

  • 1 payment of $597
  • 3 monthly payments of $210.00 

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