Discovering Your Inner Samurai
The Entrepreneurial Woman's Journey to Business Success

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2008 Indie Book AwardTwo Time Winner!

USA Best Books Award

  • Next Generation Indie 2008 Book Award Finalist in Business.

  • National Best Books 2008 Award-Winning Finalist in Entrepreneurship & Small Business, sponsored by USA Book News.

Discovering Your Inner Samurai: The Entrepreneurial Woman's Journey to Business Success details the path to achievement and entrepreneurial success by showing you HOW to accomplish your innermost desires.

This book teaches you how to think like an entrepreneur, how to discern the talents and skills that will lead you to success, from the talents and skills you only think will lead you to success.

Read it to learn:

  • How to let go of the past and live in the now.
  • About the power of effortless action.
  • How to listen to your inner "yes."

USA. Book News says, "Susan Reid has unlocked the real secret to doing what you love, using your intuition, and even scheduling chaos. As you read each chapter of this book you will have an Aha! moment that will grow into an Aha! hour, and then, into an Aha! life of success and happiness, doing what you truly love."

Why does every Entrepreneurial Woman need to discover her Inner Samurai?

Picture of book coverEntrepreneurial women begin imagining their future the moment they start thinking about striking out on their own and starting their own business.

They think about what the business will become, the lives they will touch, the people they will help, the flexibility they will have, and the money they will make. They imagine building a business around their value system, their passion, and whatís important to them. They envision a business that fits beautifully into their life. In short, they dream about building a business from the inside out.

Unfortunately, no one hands her a manual explaining how to build a business from the inside out. That is, until now.

More than just an inspirational book, Discovering Your Inner Samurai actually gives women the tools they need to create a business from the inside out. Thereís no holding back in this book. The book will tell you what works and what doesnít. It just doesnít talk about success; it shows you how to create success!

"Discovering Your Inner Samurai: The Entrepreneurial Womanís Journey to Business Success is the secret behind The Secret for business success," so says Muzetta Swann, executive director of Willow Oak Center for Arts and Learning.

Discovering Your Inner Samurai shares stories of actual people who turned their lives around and made the journey from small business struggle to entrepreneurial success. This book teaches you how to think like a successful entrepreneur and how to discern the real talents and skills you have that will make you a winner at being an entrepreneur.

My 20 years of experience working with people who focus on turning their lives around and making a difference in the world has taught me the value of going inward and connecting to my Inner Samurai. My book demonstrates how you, too, can instantly access your inner guidance system for success -- what I call your Inner Samurai!

You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself. ~ Buddha

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Sample Chapters & Related Articles

Included in this link are four brief excerpts from Discovering Your Inner Samurai.
Enjoy the Introduction and Chapters 2, 6 & 14.
Here are three articles that are directly related to the content of the book:

Multiple-streams-of-passion people love to do it all. They like choice. They like to follow their own direction. They like the flexibility and freedom of going from one thing to the next. The only problem is most multiple-streams-of-passion people donít make any money this way. They flounder in careers and languish in their professional lives. Thatís because they havenít learned how to work with their passion. Are you a multiple streams of passion person? Find out now!

Starting a business from scratch is intensely creative, exciting, and adventurous. In my work as a small business start-up coach and consultant, Iíve noticed that all of my clients tend to struggle with similar issues. Here are the five nagging questions they most often deal with:

1. Is my idea good enough?
2. How do I obtain the money to start up?
3. Can I run a successful business and still have a life?
4. Do I have the necessary education and experience to do this?
5. What if I fail?

J.K. Rowling's rise to fame and fortune is inspiring. Though her fortune is estimated at $1 billion, and she is ranked as the 136th richest person in the world, in 1990, when all this got started, things were very different for J. K. Rowling. She was not a published author. She did not have a lot of money. She was living in London, working as a researcher and bi-lingual secretary for Amnesty International, and her mother had just died. How she got from there to where she is today is a story filled with invaluable tips for small business owners.

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