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  1. As a business coach, you must encounter people who assume by starting up a business they are going to make the big bucks. But thatís not the case, is it? There are some pretty sobering statistics out there about how much revenue women-owned business are making, arenít there? Why arenít women making the big bucks in business?

  2. What are the main three things that women are doing wrong?

  3. What four things can they immediately do to help them get in the $50,000 range?

  4. There are so many business books out there, what makes your book so different?

  5. For those interested in marketing to women, what three insights into women do they need to keep in mind?

  6. Every woman starting up a business has to deal with pretty much the same thing. What are the five biggest questions facing women today?

  7. Why is it so important for women to trust their intuition?

  8. In your book you talk about your Inner Samurai. Whatís an Inner Samurai? And how do you know when sheís talking to you?

  9. Youíve worked with hundreds of women starting up businesses and talked about what fears theyíve had to overcome and what they discovered about themselves in your book. What would you say are the main qualities that have contributed to the success of your clients?

  10. Whatís your advice for women in business?

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