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Just starting out and being on your own is an emotional experience.  Usually, it’s quite literally an emotional roller coaster, with moments of soaring exhilaration, intense apprehension, overwhelming opportunities, paralyzing fears and doubt.


Bylined Articles

Susan L. ReidAlkamae's Founder, Dr. Susan L. Reid, writes as a small business expert for:

  • American Express OPEN Forum
  • Red Wire Nation
  • Small Business Trends

Accidental Entrepreneur
Accidental EntrepreneurAn Accidental Pren-her« is a woman who finds herself unexpectedly starting up a business for the very first time. She probably has had no, or very little, experience starting up a business.

These articles are for you if you want to make the transition from accidental entrepreneur to successful small business owner.


Picture of Dragon of AlkamaeOur logo is a dragon.

And as you can see, it is not your typically shaped dragon. With smooth curves and symmetrical lines, this dragon is as unique in design as it is in intention.

Client Success Stories

Client SuccessWe are proud of our clients, the successes they have had, and the businesses they have started up and launched.

Their journey has been our journey.

Their success, our success. Read what our clients are saying about their experience with us. Listen to their voices.

Coaches & Coaching
Understanding DreamsThis is our article resource place for coaches.

Here you will find helpful information on running your business, practical how-tos on client issues, and other resources that will improve your business and make you a better coach.

Getting The Most Out Of Coaching

Picture of Lotus OpenCoaching is not for everyone.  Some people would be better served with individual therapy, others would enjoy going it along.  To find out more about how to get the most out of your coaching sessions, and to find out what type and natural action style of client who will benefit the most from working with us, read on.

Grow Your Home Business
LionIt takes courage to expand and grow your home business. And strength to see it through.

You'll want to read the pre-expansion check list before you get started, and peruse the options for expansion for suggestions.

Hot Business Strategies
Hot Business Strategies
Need an action plan?
Specific steps to take?
Ways to make it happen?

How To
How To
Providing detailed and practical advice for the woman entrepreneur starting up her business. You'll find everything from how to use the Law of Attraction to finding a profitable niche here.

Inner Entrepreneur
Spiritual Entrepreneuriship

This collection of articles is perfect for those who are interested in starting-up a business from the inside out, upon the foundational mix of solid business acumen and inner spiritual wisdom.

LAUNCH YOU! 2007 e-Zine Archives

Banner of Launch You!

Browse through the treasure trove of 2007 LAUNCH YOU! e-Zines for ideas and tips to help you successfully launch your new small business. 

LAUNCH YOU! 2008 e-Zine Archives

Picture of LAUNCH YOU! banner

Browse through the treasure trove of 2008 LAUNCH YOU! e-Zines for ideas and tips to help you successfully launch your new small business.

Launch You eZine

May 1st we updated our look and expanded our offerings. All remaining 2008 issues, beginning with Vol 2, Issue 9 can be accessed here.

LAUNCH YOU! 2009 e-Zine Archives

Launch You!

Here you will find all the 2009 LAUNCH YOU! e-Zines. Browse for tips on starting up your business, increasing your productivity, and applying the Law of Attraction to maximize your success.

Marketing & Promoting Your Business
How To Become Known"Okay, so now what?"

"How do I drive traffic to my website?"

These articles provide practical and creative advice on SEO, article distribution, niche marketing, and using PR services.

New Business Start-up
Starting up your business
How do I get started?
What should be my first step?
Where do I begin?

You've come to the right place for answers.

Overcoming Your Fears
Start up FearBefore you throw in the towel, take a look at these articles. They will help you address your fears, master your psychology, and get back on the track.

Small Business Start Up Quotes

Picture of Quote

Successful Small Business Start Up Quotes archives an organically expanding list of success minded quotes for the entrepreneurial woman.  With over 150 insightful sayings and quotes that will sustain and inspire you, provide you with fresh ideas and interesting perspectives, all the while putting a smile on your face as you launch your specialty business. 

  • Balancing Life & Work
  • Delegation
  • Goals & Goal Setting
  • Guaranteeing Your Small Business Success
  • Leaving The Corporate World
  • Money, Riches & Wealth
  • Starting Up
  • Time Management
  • Transitioning

Small Business Tips & Ideas
Results Guaranteed"Results guaranteed!" Aren't those the words you want to hear when trying something new?

Here you are. These work! No need to invent the wheel when these articles have already done it for you. 

Susan L. Reid, DMA
Susan L. Reid

Come, meet Susan L. Reid, the visionary Founder and Owner of Alkamae.

Read about the inspiration behind Alkamae, Susan's personal philosophy of success, and her journey from Accidental Pren-her´┐Ż to successful entrepreneurial woman.


The Inner Samurai Business Leadership Video Series
Inner SamuraiConscious business decisions. From the inside out.

The Inner Samurai Business Leadership Video Series helps the conscious business woman clarify her own sacred and powerful Way of doing business in the world, and gives her the tools and techniques to take her powerful Inner Knower out into the business world to prosper and thrive.

Business the Inner Samurai Way. Strength, integrity and honor.

Turn Your Business Dream Into Reality Video Series
SuccessThe tools and techniques to get it done.

The Turn Your Business Dream Into Reality Video Series takes you step-by-step through the process of creating your business name, branding, and growing beyond start-up.

In less than 5 minutes, you'll know everything you need to do to make it great!

Women Entrepreneurs
Woman entrepreneurAre you a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit? Creative, innovative, and independent? Do you like being on the leading edge of things and pushing the limits of what's known and understood?

If the typical nine-to-five job doesn't cut it for you, and if you're excited about growing your home business into a six-figure success, then you'll find lots of insight and guidance in these articles.

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