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Accidental Entrepreneur

Accidental EntrepreneurAn Accidental Pren-her® is a woman who finds herself unexpectedly starting up a business for the very first time. She probably has had no, or very little, experience starting up a business.

These articles are for you if you want to make the transition from accidental entrepreneur to successful small business owner.

  • Accidental Entrepreneurs: Creative Ways to Deal With Indecision
    Indecision is frustrating, debilitating, and a waste of time. For the Accidental Entrepreneur starting up a business, indecision can make you doubt yourself, erode your confidence, and shut you down. If you’d like to avoid this happening to you, here are five creative solutions to use when you feel paralyzed by indecision.

  • Accidental Entrepreneurs: 3 Stunningly Simple Ways to Stop Shooting Yourself in the Start-Up Foot
    No matter where you are in the start-up process, chances are you’ve fallen victim to the panic that precedes the fear of making a wrong decision. The good news is that here are three stunningly simple ways to stop yourself from sabotaging your new business start-up, and insure your business has a shot at success.

  • Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Preneur?
    Becoming an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Besides the wonderful benefits of working for yourself, setting your own hours, and the ability to choose when and where you work, there are also some challenges. Read about the top 10 characteristics of today's preneurs.

  • Embracing Your Multiple Streams of Passion
    Multiple-streams-of-passion people love to do it all. They like choice. They like to follow their own direction. They like the flexibility and freedom of going from one thing to the next. The only problem is most multiple-streams-of-passion people don’t make any money this way. They flounder in careers and languish in their professional lives. That’s because they haven’t learned how to work with their passion. Are you a multiple streams of passion person? Find out now!

  • Freelancer, Consultant, or Entrepreneur: What’s the Difference?
    Every wonder what the differences and similarities are between freelancer, consultant, and entrepreneur? Check this article out for the answer.

  • Help! I am Having a Career Transition Crisis!
    Have you been waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, panicked about your future, wondering how you are going to make things work out? Do you find yourself wistfully thinking about the way things were, wondering how you could have it back? If so, then you are in the middle of a career transition crisis.

  • Is Midlife Entrepreneurship for You?
    Do you think that entrepreneurship is just for the young? That anyone past 50 is simply too old to start up a business? That midlife is the time when you should be thinking about retiring and preparing to live on less? If you do and if you are, then midlife entrepreneurship isn’t for you. However...

  • This Is Not Your Parent’s Workplace: The Case for Becoming a Small Business Owner
    Workplaces, and how we view them, have changed dramatically since the beginning of the 20th century. Particularly in the last 30 years, the complexity of business has grown enormously, making traditional jobs nearly obsolete. With punishing, productivity-sapping expectations and vise-like deadlines the norm, old assumptions about how to work and how to advance are out of date. The old-school work ethic of doing “whatever it takes" to get the job done is a present-day formula for disaster and burnout.

  • Why Age Is an Asset to the Midlife Entrepreneur
    Think you're over the hill? Too old to start up a business, write a book, or travel the world? Do you think your accumulated years of life and living are working against you? Think again.


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