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Client Reviews

I was referred to Susan by my life coach Jina Daigle. I had left my corporate COO job at a hospital and was thinking about starting my own business. My roadblocks were trying to figure out what type of business to start and really determining what my passion was.

The most powerful thing I learned from Susan was to listen to my heart. If it feels right then it is . . . if there are questions or "buts" then it's not the right thing.

After working on the Niche Clarity Program together, I decided to pursue a full-time job again rather than starting my own business. However, this job will be a job where I can utilize my skills to fulfill my passion and not be "just a job." 

I would recommend Susan to anybody whether or not they are wanting to start-up their own business or not. She is truly an inspiration and drives women to fulfill THEIR dreams rather than putting their dreams on hold for others.

Sandy Aaron
Aledo, TX

Susan is an absolutely outstanding coach. She helped me create a One-page Business Plan, and worked with me efficiently and effectively to make that business plan meet my expectations, as well as meet my goals. I now have an outstanding business plan that will guide me through and be a good "North Star" for making my business work and making my business thrive.

Picture of Jeanne Adams

Jeanne Adams
CEO, Golden Gryphon
Author of Dark and Dangerous
Potomac, MD

MP3 File

In the world of business, Susan is a symphony!

I, for one, would give up my piano for a fraction of the wisdom, knowledge, and business sense that Susan possesses. There did not seem to be any topic in business with which she was not comfortable. I looked forward to every single coaching session because I knew that at the conclusion I would be excited and energized to tackle the next step.

I was pleased and impressed with our journey through the Niche Clarity Program and afterward recognized that it would be foolish to start my business venture without her professional help.

But with Susan, you don't just get a business coach, but a life coach as well, and she does this with a gentle unobtrusive manner. Dr. Reid has such keen intuition and so obvious a connection with her own Inner Samurai that others can benefit from just spending some time with her; a true gift. Susan has earned my highest praise and recommendation!

Linda Alisesky

Linda Alisesky
Owner, HuggaBooks
Carnegie, PA

I had read many life and business coaching books before working with Susan Reid and thought I knew what was needed to startup a business. However, after several years of trying to get clear about my business, I was no closer to having a business plan that grabbed me than before.

I’m a teacher and so I set my yearly goals in September, and this year I was determined to develop a business plan that was clear and was something I really wanted to do. So when Susan offered her Duo Coaching program in November I was ready to jump at the opportunity.

Susan uses several techniques that I have not seen used anywhere else, which lead directly to clearly defining my niche in a way that made so much sense and included all the things I really want to achieve. By the end of the coaching program I had developed clear Vision/Mission statements that excite me, and which my friends understand. This is a first for me!

Susan also goes the extra mile in providing extra information and clarification when you need it. She will also urge you to keep going when you need that as well. Her insights into the business startup process and organizational tips have been invaluable. If you’re looking for a pre-startup/startup coach, I highly recommend Susan Reid.

Jan Anderson
Jan Anderson
Owner, Numinace
Guangdong, China

Dr. Susan Reid has been a blessing to both me and my husband. She helped us to tap into our Inner Samurai to find our passion in business and work.

Susan has shown me how to look at my life, my journey, from a different perspective and I've grown in the process.

She is also helping me to overcome blocks that have kept me from moving forward in building my business.

Susan is an inspiration in my life!

JoAnne Barton

JoAnne Barton
Owner, Self Care Essentials

I had amazing shifts that happened in a short period of time. Susan was focused, perceptive, and absolutely bang on with helping me to see my blocks. I now have tools to take me forward with confidence, and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be making a 6-figure income by the end of this year.

Picture of Judy Basso

Judy Basso
Owner, JB Events and Decor
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

I began my sessions with Susan with great anticipation and with a knowing that she would help me identify my "Inner Samurai."

I cannot tell you how much Susan helped me in my journey. Her intuitive knowing and ability to connect with me and my soul was uncanny. It seemed as though each session was right on track with what I was feeling and trying to discover. Susan saw my ups and downs in my journey and all the while she managed my strengths and weaknesses and kept me on track.

Every woman has a silent, but, bold inner knowing. Susan knows you possess it. Her gift is to pass that "knowing" onto you. She has helped me uncover that my true journey is to help people. With that in focus, I am now able to concentrate my efforts on the right path, and develop my business.

Tristen Blanchard

Tristen Blanchard
Independent Consultant, Arbonne International
New Market, MD

Susan's coaching has definitely helped me to create new business ideas and ways to implement them. She helped me clarify what type of business really matched my interests. I have gained the confidence to develop these ideas and create my own business using the methods Susan presented. I thoroughly enjoy working with Susan.

Picture of Linda Childs

Dr. Linda Childs
Professional Singer & Budding Entrepreneur
New York, NY

MP3 File

I had never used a coach prior to Susan and I'll admit, I was skeptical. I interviewed two other coaches before making my selection. I chose Susan because she specialized in what I was looking for: identifying my Marketing Niche. Others wanted to start at the beginning with "Why are you in business?" or even "Where is your energy?" I needed help with my niche and Susan got right down to the task at hand.

Over the next several months I asked friends who had used coaches whether or not the process was effective. One replied that he’d used several coaches over the years, but it wasn’t until he really worked at it that the process was effective. The other friend stated that it wasn’t until a coach held her accountable that she saw results. This is why you can expect results from Susan… she gives you very specific homework and holds you accountable to complete them. I recommend you follow her advice.

Beyond the results, I want to add that  Susan has been a pleasure to work with. She was able to send me off to work independently on some things; yet in other cases she stayed in the game and helped me brainstorm until we developed the necessary components. 

I will gladly return to Susan in the future for more help with this business or another... and I will certainly direct other professionals her way.

Kelly Cousinear

Kelly Cousineau
Owner, Lean Office Source
Muskegon, MI

Being led to Susan's expansive gifts and coaching was no accident. I thank the Universe for Susan's powerful intuition and support. Having admired Susan's gifts as she facilitated a prosperity coaching call, I was instantly attracted to her Niche Clarity workshop. Susan's openhearted and focused skills gave me clarity, connection, and enormous excitement about the truth of my own path. Now I continue to be thrilled and inspired by all the tools she is using herself and offering to each of us to create the lives we love through our work and creativity.

Picture of Dana Curtin

Dana Curtin
Coach, Trainer, Writer
Corte Madera, CA

You have helped me so much in gaining my confidence
in starting a small business!

Picture of Jina Daigle

Jina Daigle, MS, LPC
Owner, Creative Team Solutions
Dallas, TX

Susan is very intuitive and we worked well together. The guided imagery we did together was quick, to the point, and was a great confirmation for me of many things.

Picture of Colette Feinberg

Colette Feinberg
Owner, The Balance Coach
Myakka City, FL

I was first introduced to Susan through a treasured client, and all I can say is "Wow"! Although I had operated my business for many years on a very casual basis, it was time to pull it all together and make it real. With Susan's assistance, I've finally figured out my purple cow, my perfect client, the services I enjoy and want to offer, and how I can best assist my clients through my personal experiences.

Collaborating with Susan in discovering my niche, a brand, and a vision has been priceless. I'm continually amazed by the incredible support, insight, and guidance she provides. Her genuine interest, which shines through in everything she does, has had such an impact in stirring my own creativity and pushing me forward. 2007 is going to be a banner year for my business, and Susan's assistance has played a huge part. I cannot express how grateful I am to have her in my life and on my side . . . EVERYONE needs a Susan!

Picture of Carolyn Freeman

Carolyn Freeman
Virtual Assistant
Owner, Crickets Roar
Cottonwood, AZ

MP3 File

I came to Susan to start a business. We both knew it was just a business, not the business. She recommended the Niche Clarity Program to get clear before starting up. Working with Susan allowed me to reveal and develop my career passion, a dream I had locked away in favor of more practical employment. Now I am starting up a business I love, not just like.

Susan has a plethora of gifts that make her an amazing woman and an outstanding coach. She is open and honest, and gently encourages the same from her clients. She listens to more than your words and asks insightful questions. Perhaps most importantly, for a coach, she deftly guides you to what you want, not what she wants for you.

It has been my great pleasure working with Susan. I recommend her to any woman who wishes to succeed with grace, prosperity and passion.

Angela Giffin

Angela N. Giffin
Founder & Owner, Cultural Awareness Travel
Newcastle, WY

MP3 File

Susan is a real inspiration. She is very intuitive and just delightful. Working with her is absolutely a joyful experience. Our coaching sessions were great and I saw results in my business "visions" immediately. Time spent with Susan was absolutely beyond my expectation.

Picture of Judy Gray

Judy Gray
Owner, Voice of Stillness
Brookfield, NH

In the beginning, we had many ideas about what we could do - which was just about anything. The difficulty was deciding which thing to do. We needed someone who could be a sounding board; someone who understood the interconnectedness of professionalism, personality, and spirituality; someone to help us sort through the passing interests, and get to the heart of a business that reflected our passions. Susan is that someone.

Susan helped us sort out this issues involved in working as a mother-daughter team. Also, she was excellent in affirming the validity and potential of our various ideas, as well as helping identify the pitfalls in a positive way.

Our horizons have always been fairly broad, even to the point of indecision. Susan helped us narrow our scope to an achievable goal. In addition, she helped us realize that we could pursue business ideas beyond the traditional non-traditional. For example, instead of being consultants on business efficiency and leadership, we could start our own international exchange program promoting peace and cultural awareness.

Even though we have a great relationship as mother and daughter, a business relationship seemed laid with many potential land mines. After working with Susan, we can see that the road is clear, and the obstacles were only in our minds.

We highly recommend Susan to any spiritually minded woman who is starting a business or making any major life decision. Susan helps allay the fear, and encourages moving forward in confidence with more peace of mind.

Diane Baird Hudson & Angela Giffin
Founder & Owner, Cultural Awareness Travel
Newcastle, WY

Susan helped me get clear about my business and find the language to best describe my passion. Susan would talk about building business from inside out - I think she calls it Heart Centered. What better place for a women or really anyone to come to each day than our own heart.

Susan thank you for helping me find my way to my Heart so that I can be open to all that is possible!

Meselech Haile-Michael

Meselech Haile-Michael
Founder, Khamoya Tea House
Washington, DC

I was referred to Susan by a dear friend to develop a real estate career I had fallen into. During our coaching together, I discovered that my true passion did not particularly lie in selling homes, but in decorating them and in the relationships I could develop through them.

Because of Susan's amazing intuitive sense and ability to understand beyond surface "head noise." One Pretty House Interiors, a redesign and real estate staging company, was borne. I am so excited for what 2008 will bring, as Susan has helped me position myself for a fabulous year! I am grateful for her continued support and encourage you to make the investment in yourself and your future.

Malena Kaplan

Malena Kaplan
Owner, One Pretty House Interiors
Silver Spring, MD

MP3 File

During six months in 2011, I helped Diana register her business entity, get her website setup, create a financial plan, and coordinate her email campaign. Also, together we explored and forged inroads with The Spain - U.S. Chamber of Commerce for Diana to sell her products in the U.S.

As a result, she is now selling her end of stock "girly laptop bags" and has a new collection coming in a few months.

"You have been so helpful to me in starting up my business. Thanks for your support. Having your resources and knowledge about starting up a business has meant a lot to me. And thanks for being so understanding."

Diana Fayos Llorens

Diana Fayos Llorens
Owner, Zazie's Bags
Barcelona, Spain

As a result of working with Susan, I have started to re-format my life into a "Two Priority One Month" strategy, which I LOVE! That has made such an impact on my performance with my small business: to focus on the most important thing for the month, and just get it done. When Susan told me about this approach, it opened up great energy in my life to accomplishing things I had been "under-prioritizing."

The great thing about working with Susan is that I am continually reminded to check in with my spirit and passion regarding decisions about my business. And that these parts of me are interconnected, and so my approach to my business should reflect that.

The most unexpected thing that happened as a result of working with Susan is that I opened up my life to having a child! I had been struggling for a couple years with the vision of being a strong career-focused woman and how children would fit into that picture... and yet at the same time, desiring to have children in my life. I worked with Susan to broaden the vision of my life to the great possibilities, and realized that a successful business does not exclude the opportunity to have children. I now pregnant with my first child, and still pursuing my business dreams.

I would strongly recommend working with Susan to my friends and colleagues, especially those entrepreneurs who have a strong spiritual center and have not been able to find a home for their entire selves in the traditional language of business.

Dori Luthy Harrison

Dori Luthy-Harrison
Artisan and Jewelry Designer
Owner, DAL Designs
Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Niche Clarity Program and working with Susan was an eye-opening experience for me. Within a short period, I was able to see new, unexpected, and creative ways to work with my new small business idea.

Picture of Shelley McKay

Shelley McKay
Virtual Assistant
Owner, SJ McKay Solutions
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

MP3 File

Working with Susan is great. Through the Niche Clarity Program, Susan helped me explore new and more creative income possibilities. I highly recommend both the Niche Clarity Program and Susan if you are considering a new business or expanded business direction.

Jane Merritt
Marketing Communications Consultant
Boston, MA

MP3 File

Susan is just amazing. She helps me step-by-step, encouraging me and inspiring me to really dig inside myself and find my voice and my vision and where I want my business to go, so that my business is really becoming about me and finding my niche in the world. It's just been an incredible experience.

Picture of Pam Mingle

Pamela G Mingle
Owner, Pamela Gallagher Style
Titusville, NJ

MP3 File

Working with Susan on my One-Page Business Plan was a fabulous experience. Although I had worked on the One-Page Business Plan on my own in the past and had always gotten a little clarity, mostly about just my next step, my work with Susan increased my clarity ten-fold. I now not only have a clear, concise vision of my business, I also have a focused, clearly defined action plan that's laid out quarter by quarter for the next year. And what's great is I left for vacation right after I finished my plan with Susan, and I came back refreshed, revitalized, and very focused on exactly where I needed to put my energy to get the immediate results that I needed.

Susan, I want to thank you immensely for your support, your clarifying questions, and your rich conversations that enable me to distill my new project,, into a powerful One-Page Business Plan.

Picture of Carol McClellend

Carol McClelland, PhD
Owner & Founder, Transition Dynamics Enterprises, Inc
Menlo Park, CA

MP3 File

This has been an incredible and insightful journey that has really given roots to our vision and our dream. Susan's energy, genuine enthusiasm for us and our dream has really added a depth and clarity to who we are as a business.

Picture of Lisa Morelli

Lisa Morelli
Co-owner, On The Edge of Coaching
Pleasanton, CA

MP3 File

Writing a Business Plan always seemed a daunting prospect to me and I wasn't looking forward to writing one at all. On top of that, I only had one month to finish it.

Having the guidance of Dr. Susan has been such a blessing.

Not only did we get everything done on time, but she also turned it into a fun experience - one where I felt empowered and through which I have grown. I learned a lot from the experience and wisdom of Dr. Susan and from the moment I started working with her, knew that she could walk me through establishing any Business Plan.

Petra Nemcova

Petra Nemcova
Creator, Be The Light NY
New York, NY

I was amazed at the speed in which I reached clarity on what would be my niche and focus in my coaching and retreat business. What I assumed might take months for research and discussion took just 3 sessions, thanks to Susan's excellent coaching skills and questioning techniques

I now know exactly the direction I want to head in my business. As a result, I will be running a business that reflects my true passion and exudes authenticity. It can't get better than that!

I have a clear focus on what I will do to base my Nature Retreats on FUN. I have clarified steps to take find participants/clients who will want to come out to play!

Time and money spent with Susan has been an exceptional investment. I recommend anyone who may be stuck about business direction to hang out with Susan for a'll reach clarity in no time!

Patt Osborne

Patt Osborne
Professional Life Coach/Outdoor Reteat Leader, Adventure Coach
Medford, NJ

Hiring a coach is a new experience for me. I've loved not having to think about the 'next step' while clarifying my dream of an online business.

Susan’s enthusiastic, practical, results oriented style suits me well as I move toward “dwelling from the space I want to inherit”!  Thank you for a joyful journey.

"If it's important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse."

Pam Peyron
Pam Peyron
Owner, Elkhorn Adult Foster Home
Baker City, OR

Susan worked with me on my company's focus, my 'perfect client', and benefits to my clients. She has helped me put together a message that has been used in my brochure and web site. I can say with confidence that these projects' outcomes were much higher quality because of her involvement! I also worked with Susan to define my long term strategy, which came together amazingly fast through the Niche Clarity Program. Her intuition really helped the guided self-exploration she did with me.

Laura Rusick

Laura Pettit Rusick
Owner & President, OPT Solutions Inc
Sagamore Hills, OH

I had been looking for this business for a long time -years- I am not kidding - years. Every six months or so I was starting a different business.

Recently, I decided that I needed to look at all these business ideas at one time and find a business coach to help minimize my mistakes in starting up a business. That is when I happened across Susan's website and the Niche Clarity Workshop and immediately knew that working with Susan was what I needed to do.

Working with Susan has been phenomenal. I must say I am feeling pretty comfortable and pleased with the business idea we created. I feel like I have corralled a million ideas and synthesized them into a perfect fit for me. I feel more focused and have a much clearer picture of what a business for me looks like. 

My goal is to have a business that is financially successful. I now feel that that is possible.

I now have a viable business idea that embodies who I am, an idea that I can test and refine and morph into a business within the next 12 months. Before, I felt as if I were chasing a moving target, moving in circles, never quite making it to center. I now feel that it is really possible to have a wildly successful business.

I highly recommend Susan and the Niche Clarity Workshop to anyone who has what Susan describes as "multiple streams of passion." Susan will help you gain the clarity necessary to move forward.

Billye Sanford
Billye Sanford
Aspiring Business Owner
Columbia, MD

It's been an absolute pleasure to work with Susan and Alkamae business coaching services. In only three months, she helped us create our vision, mission statements, and niche market, and we had great fun in the process.

Picture of Carol Satterlee

Carol Satterlee
Co-owner, On The Edge of Coaching
Cupertino, CA

MP3 File

When I first started working with Susan, I wasn't making the progress I wanted to towards relaunching my business - I felt like I was getting in my own way and I wanted to fix that. Susan helped me keep my focus in the right place so I could make progress towards my goals.
After working with Susan, my vision is clearer. I have more confidence that my business is going to be wildly successful. And I have an incredibly talented individual who might be coming on board to manage the day-to-day operations.
Things are better for me now. For one, I'm calmer and have more confidence. I feel good about the direction of my business and have solidified the offerings. I'm now on track and headed in the right direction.
I very strongly recommend Susan to any woman wanting to move forward in her business. 

Judy Schramm
Alexandria, VA
CEO, ProResource LLC

After trying around with all the different business coaches out there; I wish that I had gone with Dr. Reid originally.

Frankly, I would've saved a lot of money and then been way further ahead in my business.

Dr. Reid is brilliant, friendly and unassuming. She is truly intuitive and a lot gets done in an hour, even when the client is dragging her feet!

You will never regret the investment in either her book or other services she provides. And I mean never. She's just that perfect. I know. She took me a million miles in six months; where other coaches took me somewhere else, but not ahead. Thanks so much!

Virginia Seno

Virginia L. Seno, PhD
Leavenworth, IN
Founder, Esse Institute, LLC

I decided to work with a coach because my business was stagnant. I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue doing what I was doing, start another business, or just become more creative in what I was doing.
I need to discover what it was I wanted, how to get it, and then the encouragement to pursue the direction
I starting working with Dr. Reid and right from the beginning I felt she understood my polymath ways. She listened, asked amazing questions that made me really think about who I am, what I want now and in a few years, and gave me excellent guidance.
Being able to talk to Dr. Reid 3x a month about my business, my future and current issues was an incredible relief. Relief because I had someone who had experience in working with entrepreneurs, with polymaths, and could helped me see that not only could I envision a better future but that I could actually achieve it.
I highly recommend anyone, regardless of where they are in their business, to work with Dr. Reid. Whether you are beginning your own business, happy where you are, or struggling with next steps, she has ability to help you.

Candy Sugarman

Candy J Sugarman
Founder & Owner, Candy J. Sugarman, LLC
Fayetteville NC

Working with Susan on our One-Page Business Plan was a wonderful experience. Susan was very knowledgeable about the One-Page material and knew the best way to help me put the plan together in a way that worked perfectly for our non-profit.

The One-Page Business plan made sense (energetically and practically), flowed from one thing to the next in a logical manner, and didn't take long to complete.

Picture of Muzetta Swann

Muzetta Swann
Founder & President, Willow Oak Center for Arts & Learning
Springfield, TN

MP3 File

This coaching experience has certainly gone beyond business coaching and yet has really gotten to the heart of my business. You have such a depth of understanding and perspective that has been so helpful to me.

A mantra that I try to apply in my business is that . . . people don't really care how much you know until they know how much you care. I have felt that you care and that this coaching has been more than just a way to earn a living.

I think what we all want is to make a difference in the lives of other people and in the world. You have made a difference in my life and that has created a ripple effect in the lives of so many other people that cannot be quantified.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Susan! The main thing is that - she gets it. Every week is a growth spurt because she hears me and can direct me. I have reached a record high in my business while coaching with Susan.

Picture of Marlene Trevisan

Marlene Trevisan
Health & Wellness Coach
Springfield, PA

MP3 File

I'm so grateful that we connected to launch my e-business since you are an excellent facilitator for attraction marketing. With infinite patience, high spirits and lots of cocreative writing, you guided me to transform my idea into a peerless brand. Your process for helping me to develop my niche market- using me and my desires as the point of attraction - has been not only phenomenal for drawing the perfect customers to me, but also a tremendous self-growth experience yielding incredible results both personally and professionally. Your unique approach and endless enthusiasm inspire me to succeed. Thank you for all you do!

Picture of Dana Weekley

Dana Weekley
Owner & Founder, Nine Tomatoes
Princeton, NJ

It's been so helpful having Susan as my prosperity coach. She's very intuitive and always helps me to see things in a new way. Best of all, I come away from every session with practical tools I can use to help me progress along my path.

Picture of Mary Ellen Whitaker

Mary Ellen Whitaker
Voiceover Artist, Writer, Voice of Clarity
Natick, MA

="">MP3 File

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