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Feeling Overwhelmed: Five Easy Solutions for the Spiritual Entrepreneur

Susan L Reid

Who hasn't, at one time or another, felt overwhelmed?

Woman FrustratedYou know the physical experience of tightness that occurs when you feel stuck, unsure, and unable to decide what to do next.

We've all been there, experienced that.

However, have you ever thought about what the feeling of being overwhelmed is telling you from an energetic point of view?

Energetically, feeling overwhelmed is about time—delayed time, to be exact. Overwhelm occurs when you are not yet up-to-speed with what you told the Universe you wanted. It's the delay of time you're experiencing between the Universe’s having already delivered what ’you've been asking for and you not yet being ready to receive it.

Does this sound like you?

If you are a spiritual entrepreneur, it's important to understand what the feeling of being overwhelmed is telling you energetically and also how to deal with it practically. Otherwise, overwhelm will erode your confidence, make you doubt yourself, and put a stop to your new business start-up.

Don’t let that happen to you! Here are five practical things to do when you need to catch up energetically with what you told the Universe you wanted in the first place.

Five Easy Solutions to Help You Align with What You Want

1. Take a walk.

Since the feeling of being overwhelmed is first experienced in the body asWoman in Nature tightness, it only makes sense that invigorating the body will do a world of good to move the energy that is congested there. This is not the time to meditate. This is the time to get your body moving, heart pumping, and lungs breathing deeply. Whether you go for a casual stroll around your neighborhood or an invigorating hike in the mountains, get your whole body moving to help loosen that pent-up energy.

2. Flip a coin.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and are unable to decide between two options or courses of action, flip a coin. Make one side of the coin one decision and the other, the second decision. Then flip. Notice how you feel the split second after the coin lands. Do you feel relief or disappointment? If you find yourself bargaining with "best two out of three," you've discovered the decision that is right for you at this time. The time delay that was standing in the way of getting what you want will instantly dissolve.

3. Do right-brain activities.

Right-brain activity tends to be creative and innovative in character while left-brain activity is rational and linear. The great thing is that, when the right side of the brain is energized, chemical changes are made in the body and brain that are enormously healing and inspirational.

Right-brain activities include music, sex, art, massage, color therapy, aromatherapy, acupressure, polarity therapy, and much more. The key is to have fun and enjoy!

4. Ask your subconscious a question.

Put a pad of paper and a pen on your night table before you go to bed. Then, right before you drift off to sleep, ask your subconscious for an answer to your dilemma. Record your dreams or insights upon waking.

5. Ask yourself what you would do if you took other people's opinions out of the equation.

Frequently, it's worrying about what other people will think that creates the time delay between what the Universe has delivered and your ability to receive what you want. In order to counter this, take other people's opinions out of the equation. Now what decision would you make?

No matter where you are in your business, chances are you’ve, at one time or another, felt overwhelmed. The kind of overwhelm that shuts you down and keeps you spinning in your tracks. As a spiritual entrepreneur, it's important to understand what's happening energetically as well as how to deal with it practically.

The good news is that now you have these easy solutions to help you align with what you want and deal with the feeling of being overwhelmed—five ways to get you back on track and moving forward with your business.

Copyright ©2010 by Susan L. Reid, DMA

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Copyright ©2010 by Susan L. Reid, DMA

Dr. Susan L. Reid is a Small Business Expert and Business Catalyst for spiritually conscious women starting up businesses. She is the award-winning author of Discovering Your Inner Samurai: The Entrepreneurial Woman's Journey to Business Success.

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